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You Will Not Find a More Willing Driver in Jakarta Than Billi

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You Will Not Find a More Willing Driver in Jakarta Than Billi.

Billi was our personal driver for four years and I would like to recommend Billi for work as a company or personal driver and believe you would not find a more reliable and willing driver in Jakarta.

Billi has some English skills and is very adept at using Google Translate when needed, knows his way around Jakarta extremely well, including back streets and shortcuts. He is also always well-presented. Billi is always punctual and completely reliable and very respectful and courteous to everybody. He is perfectly capable of maintaining the vehicle along with parking fees and fuel reconciliations and any other financial transactions and always provides receipts. Billi has also had experience with many types of vehicles and has done some mechanical studies. Billi has also had the benefit of working for expats and knows their expectations and the places they like to visit. We always found Billi to drive in a very safe manner and speed. We found Billi to be 100% honest and he can be trusted with any errands and has acted as a company representative driver for visiting guests when required. As a father himself, Billi is also very good and patient in dealing with children. Billi has also assisted us, by using apps and websites, to source hard-to-find items. One of Billi’s most appealing features is that he is willing to help in any way needed when he is not driving and is always eager to please. He is also in his 30s and fit and healthy so sick days are few and far between.

Please either contact Billi directly at +62 812-1389-5063 or me, Susanne at +61 41 1050 005. I would be happy to discuss any questions with respect to our experience with Billi as our driver.

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