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Looking for a stellar housekeeper?

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Looking for a stellar housekeeper who will clean everything beyond your wildest dreams and keep your family healthy and well?

Our former pembantu, Lina, is seeking employment. Lina worked in the Save the Children guesthouse for many years, and then one of the Save staff requested her personally.

She is honest, works hard, has a funny sense of humor, and her standard of cleanliness is SUPERIOR. The woman actually looked forward to the times when I would leave town on business so that she could really get into things, give them a thorough clean, re-organize anything that I had managed to get messy, etc. Aside from her stellar performances as a pembantu, she is just a very kind, warm, funny, sensitive and honest person.

I was originally ambivalent about having someone living in the house with us, but Lina was a companion when I wanted company and respectful when I wanted privacy. Her English is limited, and she would prefer to be able to speak Indonesian. Any household who gets her would be lucky. You can email me at [email protected] with questions. Even better – You can contact Lina directly at: 082113102638.

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