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Highly Recommended Housemaid in Jakarta Selatan Area

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I am pleased to recommend Ms. Triyani for any household position in the Jakarta Selatan area. Having employed her, I can attest to her remarkable speed and proficiency in cleaning, along with her trustworthiness and responsibility. With significant experience serving expatriates both locally and abroad, she excels in various domestic tasks, demonstrating efficiency in laundry, cooking, cleaning, housekeeping, and pet care.

Ms. Triyani not only brings a high level of competence to her work but also maintains a courteous and friendly demeanor at all times. Her unique ability to balance professionalism with friendliness makes her an invaluable asset to any household. For those seeking a reliable, efficient, and personable housemaid, I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Triyani.

She is ready to start at any time, and her working hours are negotiable.

For further inquiries or to discuss potential employment, please contact Ms. Triyani at +62 812 8085 7281 via WhatsApp only.

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